I started off this odd numbered year with my boyfriend, Angus, and a big group of friends- all cramed into a tiny living room, screaming out the words to a Robbie Williams hit before doing the famous NYE countdown with the help from “Jools Holland Hootenanny” blaring out the TV. Saying goodbye to 2016, personally- an incredible year for me! Yes we lost a lot of famous faces last year (which to be fair, was pretty spooky how many famous faces passed!), I lost my incredible grandpa to Parkinson’s Disease (an evil disease which takes away the “victims” independence and ability to just ‘live’). But to every bad there is good and vice Versa. In May 2016 I met the most amazing human being- and we have since then shared lots of fun memories together. I travelled around the country in a tribute band singing some of the tunes from the latest girlband craze! 

In 2017 I decided now was the time for me to be courageous and actually start a blog…. something I have only ever thought about creating but only ever too scared to do so. But this year is only 29 days in and I have already took a scary leap in the working world, applying for a job I have no professional training in and no qualifications to show for it either(besides my GCSE and A Levels). However I know one thing and that’s I am ready for any challenges 2017 has planned for me! I’m determined to work hard and start at the bottom of this career ladder and learn the hard way (basically not going to uni! (Again!)). 

You’re never to young to start again. It’s never too late to make changes. What’s important is that you, number 1, is happy! 

Love Han x 


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