Travel Essentials | Weekend Away

This weekend myself and my boyfriend (Angus) are heading off to The Netherlands, which was a lovely joint birthday present for us both from Angus’s parents.

We are travelling via ferry so we don’t really need to be overly worried about luggage allowance, however I have told myself that for the first time ever I wont over pack. So I am being strict on myself to take the limited amount of clothes needed!

But it’s not just your clothes you think about, plus the added extra of travel arrangements, travel insurance, spending money, itineraries and well you get the jist of it. But those little everyday toiletry essentials which we’d like to think we wont need but the truth of the matter is is we would kick ourselves if we didn’t take them! After popping to the local Wilko’s I managed to grab everything I need for my weekend away (all 2 for 1 too – so a DOUBLE whammy), and thought i’d share with you the ‘little’ goodies…


1.Shampoo & Conditioner

They only had the choice between 2 brands and I have used this ‘Pantene Pro V – Smooth and Silk’ shampoo and conditioner before and its been ok on my hair. So I thought why not it will do the job.


2. Body Wash

I decided to get 2 body wash bottles, seeing as 2 of us will be using them and there was a 3 for 2 offer so no decision was needed here. We have the ‘Dove – Deeply Nourishing Body Wash’ and the ‘Original Source Shower Gel’ in the Lemon sent.


3. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Even though I have those (cute) little shampoo and conditioner bottles I thought I would grab a bottle of Dry Shampoo as that always comes in handy. Especially as I have really thin hair, so a day outside with the ‘wind blowing through my hair’ and it has that annoying greasy shine and feel to it (in my opinion). So I am sure this will be handy to have!

4. Deodorant 

This doesn’t, in my eyes, need much of an explanation as to why you need this on holiday, or anywhere for that matter! Deodorant is an everyday essential, simple.

5. Tooth brush & tooth paste

Again, these are every day essentials and I didn’t buy the tooth brush. However I did get the mini tooth paste as it then saves taking a bigger version and save on suitcase space with this mini.


6. Suncream

Seeing as we are going to the Netherlands I have been told a variety of things; “it’s similar to British weather” OR “yes, it’s going to be really hot”. As you can imagine, this is causing havoc with the ‘strict’ clothing choices! But I am renowned for getting burnt and the desire of that golden tan! But I think (and my mum would be proud) that I have finally grown up and thought about being prepared for any sun exposure! It may be a travel sized bottle but its still going to be handy if the sun has got it’s hat on. Plus, not to forget that all important lip balm, as I recently burnt my lips when on an unexpected walk in the Peak District.

  • ‘Garnier Ambre Solaire’ – Protection Lotion, Ultra Hydrating – SPF 30
  • ‘Nivea’ – Hydro Care – SPF 15


7. Instax Mini 8 & Instant Film

Now, this wasn’t on my shopping list from Wilko’s, however I find that this is (personally) a travel essential. There’s something about a polaroid camera that I just LOVE. Apart from the fact it reminds me of being a kid and using our much bigger polaroid camera. I love the style of these Instax ones as they aren’t too big and so easy to use! But I am prepared with my extra 20 instant films to snap away over the weekend trip!

That concludes my travel essentials for a weekend away (apart from the clothing, but that is a whole other story and something that I need to get sorted!), until next time…

Han x



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