My 5 Favourite Hair & Beauty Products | August 2017

I’ve never really been into beauty products as such, but recently I’ve took the plunge and ventured out to try different products for my hair and face. So let’s get to it….

1.Lush Body Conditioner – Snow Fairy
This is an ‘old’ product from Lush. I received it at Christmas 2016 as part of one of their amazing gift sets and this is the last remaining product I hadn’t used. And what a mistake that was! I used this for this first time the other night… in a gloopy paste format its a beautiful bright pink. You massage this all over your body and allow the water to wash it off and at first when I washed it off my skin felt almost sticky but then once I had dried myself off my skin was incredibly smooth. Plus the smell is INCREDIBLE! So sweet and fruity… which was exactly like the body wash and bubble bar I had that was also in this gift set range. Fingers crossed Lush do a repeat of this range this christmas because it’s at the top of my list!!


2. 7th Heaven – Argan Oil Rescue Masque
I absolutely love this companies face and hair masks! I do prefer this hair one though, out of all of them, as it does wonders for my hair and is so quick and easy! It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and gives it that little bit of TLC it some times needs with a cheap price tag too! Because my hair is dyed it can sometimes dry out, early last year my hair was practically white it was that blonde! And I had a long bob cut too, so you could say the bleach killed my hair off, making it unable to grow (not that I wanted it to at the time). But since the past 12 months of growing it out, my hair can tend to dry out and go a little fuzzy in the ends in some places, meaning these bad boy hair masks get to do their job and make my hair feel nourished and fresh again.


3. Olay BB Cream – Tinted Moisturising Cream
Going back a couple of months ago I really wanted to get my hands on a simple tinted moisturiser, as my face isn’t tanned due to the lack of holidays this year, so I could also go without the hassle of foundation but also not look like a ghost or someone who has been inside for the past 12 months! I didn’t want to go spending ‘willy nilly’ on a product I’d never used and wasn’t sure about. So I popped to my local Boots store to check out the range they had in. I was torn between this one and (I think) a Dove – Tinted Moisturiser day cream… with Angus in tow, I could sense he was getting fed up of me saying “I’ll just go for this one” then 10 seconds later going back to said isle and “in fact I’ll get this one” and being completely undecided. So I nipped it in the basket and was done with it.

I tried it in the car on the way to be pub to meet our friends and at first thought it was completely naff. However I didn’t put nowhere near enough onto my face; just a little dabble in all four quarters of my face, rubbed it in and thought it would be enough. I then soon realised that I needed to be generous with the servings to my face and it’s been a lot better and made its way into my top five this month! This cream leaves you with a healthy looking glow and even skin tone, and feels really light and soft on my skin. Now I’ve used this one I’d definitely use it again or be brave enough to try out different brands!


4. Schwarzkopf Pro Styling -Heat Protection Spray

I’ve never bothered with many hair products before, mainly for heat protection as I only ever (normally) use the hairdryer on my hair, unless I can be bothered to curl it which usually seems pointless as my hair is poker straight and curls drop out within seconds of being outside…

Anyway, I decided to get myself some heat protection spray (to help with those occasional fuzzy ends I mentioned above) after watching a hair routine video by Model and YouTuber “Freddy My Love”, who has beautiful long, blonde hair; literally bouncy, curled princess hair. IT’S SO PRETTY!

This spray has so far been really good and protected my hair during those tedious hair drying sessions! Coincidentally 2 days after buying this one it was my birthday and my little brother gifted me a hairdryer which came with a heat protection spray; so I’m all stocked up!

5. Garnier Simply Essentials – ‘Soothing 2in1 Make Up Remover’ & ‘Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner’

Even though my final ‘product’ is actually 2, they go together so I cheated and combined them! I usually take my make up off with baby wipes as they never seem to sting my eyes and yet when I think I’ve got all my make up off, I can go over my face with the 2in1 make up remover and always to my surprise a load of, what looks like, dirt and make up comes off my face. The make up remover is an oil based formula so when looking at the bottle stood up it has a blue liquid at the top with a clear one underneath; which you need to shake the bottle before using to mix the 2 liquids together. It is great if you have sensitive skin; which my face can be when using some make up wipes, so this is perfect and it removes waterproof make up.

I would then use the Soothing toner and this leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed. This toner is made with water-lily extract, as well as no perfume or alcohol and can also help “remove make up and skin impurities”. I would definitely recommend these products to someone who was looking for a new make up remover and toner to help with their daily skin care.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and I look forward to searching for and trying new products to update and review in the next couple of months…

Han x


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