Outfit Post | August 2017

So today I thought I’d take advantage of the sunshine and the fact I had a spare couple of hours to mess around in the garden and take some outfit posts for my FIRST EVER Outfit post! This outfit doesn’t necessarily consist of anything that is a new purchase, but I just love this outfit, even if I did get a tad hot in the jumper…

(bring on the colder weather so I can wrap up in my mass collection of jumpers – In case you didn’t know I have a problem with continuously buying jumpers). 

So here goes…

Look like i’m just sniffing the ol’ shoulder…

Unfortunately, my top is not a first hand buy… I bought this off popular selling website/app Depop  , for a bargain price of £7 and I LOVE it! I am really loving the mustard yellow colour right now…

This necklace I inherited from my Grandma a few years back and its just such a nice simple bit of everyday jewellery.

A similar one can be found here.

These trousers are quite possibly one of my favourite pairs that I own…

Black culottes with white vertical stripes on the front and horizontal stripes on the back from New Look. They are super comfy and light material making them great for our lovely British Summer, where it can’t quite decide what to do, you know the deal fellow Brits!


Shoes… when working in Schuh, I’d had my eyes on these for quite some time and then finally I got my hands on a pair ready for my new job within a school. They seemed to be super comfy from the first time I wore them, I’d heard that they would tear the back of my feet up but I never really had that problem, bonus!

These have served me well with being on my feet a lot at work and practically wearing them 5 days a week for the past 4-5 months!

I have them in the grey colour and there a several other colours that you can get your hands on too over at the Schuh website.


I hope you have enjoyed my first outfit post. If you have any tips or constructive criticism then any helpful tips and advice are welcome…

Han x


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