Bank Holiday Weekend | Photo Post

It’s the August Bank Holiday weekend, so naturally for Angus and I it was time to head to the Beer Festival at the Beauvale Priory in (Moorgreen) Nottingham. Angus has been to (I think) every beer festival they’ve ever held, which is twice a year and so far I have been to 4 of them!

Unlike last year, the sun was shining and the British summer weather pulled through, as normally it’s typical for it to rain ‘cats and dogs’ on a Bank Holiday Weekend. But not this time mother nature! Not this time!

Naturally, we jumped at the chance to go sit in the sunshine with 100 ales and 25 ciders plus a pimms & prosecco tent (which I had a drunken time in the past couple of festivals)  and a variety of foods on offer whilst listening to some good music. There’s something for the whole family, so why not?!

I hope you enjoy. Until next time…

Han x


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