August Faves

Finally!! I’ve managed to upload my August Favourites (about time too considering we are a week into September and it’s now Autumn and heading to my favourite time of year, Autumn/Winter). I simply can not wait to be able to layer up with knitted jumpers and hats scarves…basically anything that is going to keep me toasty during those short wintery days!

Anyway, back to this post, I thought I would gather a few of my favourite things from the past month to post about and share with you guys…

  1. The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

So I’d been feeling a bit meh about my (then current) foundation, the Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation, which I have used for YEARS! And to this day it has never let me down. I could put it on before doing a 2 hour energetic dance/singing show and then come off stage and still have my make up in tact. But I just fancied a change and then I came across this foundation over on The Body Shop’s Instagram. At a cheap and affordable price of £10 I couldn’t help but want to give it a go… it can’t make my face any uglier right?! But this foundation is fab, enriched with tea tree and 100% vegan, it applies to the face so smooth and easily and you don’t seem to need a lot of it! The only thing I have found is that it doesn’t seem to last as long as my other foundation but I am still playing around with it and seeing how it goes but so far, so good.

Click here to check out this product.

2. Primark Copper Light

This is another product that i fell in love with through Instagram! I couldn’t get to the local Primark quick enough! I’d been in the need of a bed side lamp but couldn’t find one that I liked and didn’t want to buy one for the sake of it but I saw this and loved it. Plus for a bargain price of £5 I couldn’t resist! Once I’d found some batteries I was on to a winner and I FREAKIN love it! I keep meaning to go back and pick up the one similar but with a black frame but I either forget or just don’t have the time or will power to go back and not buy more than just the light!

3. Phone case and pop socket

Now, I am terrible for consistently buying and changing my phone cases! But my previous case was getting a bit shabby and I was just bored of it (even though the ‘old’ case will probably end back up on my phone over the next few months! But, again, I just LOVE this case, so simple and not too girly but not too plain all the same! It also comes in a blue style as well. You can get your hands on one of these over on eBay.

Pop sockets… I didn’t even pay any attention to these a few months back and boy have I been missing out! They are so handy! The only thing I have found annoying about having one on my phone is that it’s harder to slide my phone into my back pocket or sometimes it gets caught on things in my bag…but they are minor problems and me being completely picky! It’s simple, I love it. I love the cute pattern on the one I have and boy are there A LOT of different patterns to choose from. It also makes holding my phone one-handed so much more easier, and I feel I have more control over it when trying to hold or text with my mahoosive phone in one hand! I grabbed myself a pop socket over on eBay too.

3. Herbal Essences Bio:Renew

I first saw this over on Poppy Deyes blog and I was in need of a new shampoo and conditioner, so why not?! This is another decision I have not regretted making. I love it! My hair was in need of some TLC and this has given it it! Not only does it smell amazing but it makes my hair feel soft and fabulous again! This is Herbal Essences latest product release and it’s amazing! It comes in lots of different scents too, leaving your hair looking, feeling and smelling amazing!

This is available at most supermarkets and drug stores.

4. Madagascan Vanilla Candle

This. Smells. Unreal! Simple as that. It has such a strong scent, I am yet to actually burn this, but it smells unreal just as it is! There is something about the vanilla scent that I just LOVE! Again, this is a Primark buy and costing only £2 you can’t go wrong. Plus, not to slam Primark but with it being a cheaper product you wouldn’t expect such a strong scent. But then that’s just another reason why it has made it to this favourites list.

5.  Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

I saw this advertised on Zoella’s Instagram over the Bank Holiday weekend, so I thought lets give this a go. Then I needed to actually decided which mask to get as this range comes in 5 different scents and types of masks. I was torn between their new Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask and this one. But after reading reviews on this one being compared to the Celebrity fave GlamGlow mask and being at a much more affordable price I opted to go for this one! It leaves my skin feeling super soft and refreshed, which I need at the moment as I have just gone back to work after having 6 weeks summer holidays off, it’s safe to say I’m feeling it!

I will be heading back to The Body Shop asap to get my hands on the others as they feel great!

6. Burgundy Satchel Shoulder Bag

This bag…. errr I LOVE! An impulse buy but I couldn’t help myself, have you noticed there’s a pattern within this blog?

I have been looking for a new ‘hand bag’ for a while but I just can’t find one that I like and that is practical and this bag isn’t really neither of those things. Although I have managed to get a fair bit in their so far, it’s just a bit like a game of Tetris as to what can go in first. With an over the shoulder detachable strap plus smaller handle, it is easy to carry around and the colour is so autumnal it was the perfect time of year to buy it!

It also comes in a black over at the New Look website

7.  The Wilderness Prints

I found this company over on Instagram (again) a while back. It is a little business founded and ran by a young lady, Yasmine, who runs and creates this business alongside her full-time job. I love to support smaller businesses like this as I feel a lot of the time a lot more thought and care has gone into their creations. I have gotten many family and friends presents from them as I love them and I can not wait until I have my own house and can fill it with these gorgeous quotes. They also do custom prints as well as wedding invites and ‘Save the Dates’.

Go check them out on Instagram @thewildernessprints and on their Etsy store

8. Sleepy by Lush

This could be a Save the Best til Last situation but in case you didn’t notice I LOVE everything within this blog, probably why they’ve all made it into the August Faves post.

If you haven’t heard about this body lotion then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!? This is a product that seems to of taken the nation by storm and I’m not surprised as it works!  A smooth texture this lotion smells AMAZING! Filled with oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and comforting sweet tonka absolute this really does help calm you off into a good nights sleep. I don’t necessarily struggle to sleep but my mum has used it on my younger brother who has been struggling with sleep and since using this he is in a settled sleep and no longer wakes throughout the night. My boyfriend Angus has also used it as he struggles to settle and often wakes through the night too but with a tiny bit of this lotion on his back and chest and he was out like a light, literally!

Grab yours here, I know I will be.

I hope you enjoyed this August favourites and sorry it’s a tad late. Until next time,

Han x


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