The People’s Princess | Fashion inspiration

DISCLAIMER. I do not own any of the photography within this blog post.

So as you may (or may not) know at the end of August, the 31st to be precise, was the 20th Anniversary since Princess Diana tragically died after being in a car incident in France! Now I’m not going to go into whether this incident was an accident or not as that is a whole other blog post!

Around the time of the anniversary I found myself, like many others, reading about her death; watching TV programmes that HRHs Prince William and Prince Harry had documented about the beloved mother; and just generally looking back over the events in The People’s Princess life…

This leads me to this post! Lady Diana had some amazing outfits and to be quite honest I simply love them. Especially her day-to-day outfit choices! To be quite honest it’s a perfect example of fashion revolving back around and around again!

Below are some of the great looks that Princess Diana pulled off, effortlessly may I add!


I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post,

Until next time

Love Han x


Shop the look…





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