My first Blog Event | Bloggers Festival

Ahhhh! My first ever blog event!

So last Saturday myself and my friend Megan (Mummy & Harrison) took a trip down to the ever so glam 5 star Conrad London St James hotel to attend the Scarlett London event Bloggers Festival. As this was my first ever Bloggers Event I didn’t really know what to expect. On arrival, at the ever so posh hotel, we were greeted and lead to the event location…


We made our way down the beautifully large spiral staircase and were faced with complimentary prosecco and a fabulous balloon wall. Once the inevitable balloon wall photos had taken place, it was onto exploring the variety of stalls and brands. There was such a wide variety of stalls; from skincare to protein drinks to technology. It was super interesting to speak to some of the brands I hadn’t really heard of before and learning about what they do and how they started out.

The only downfall I had was that we felt that there wasn’t anywhere where you could casually sit and chat and get to know other bloggers. There was the main area where the stalls were held but there just didn’t seem to be any social area, and it just felt a little awkward to go and talk to somebody randomly, as most seemed to be talking to brands or in in depth conversations with friends or other bloggers they were catching up with. But maybe that is just how it goes at these kind of events; just chat to whoever and wherever. Personally I just felt bar/lounge area would of been a great place to simply just chat and “mooch”.

After we had explored the variety of brands and being at the event for approximately 1.5-2 hours we decided to leave (with goodie bags in tow). Seeing as we were in central London, we couldn’t not take advantage of some of the beautiful houses located around on of my favourite cities. So we decided to take a visit to Knightsbridge and by this point our feet were starting to fail us; our fault really for wearing heeled boots (absolute school boy error). So the first house/location was the chosen one!

After or mini photo shoot it was FOOD and home time! We managed to get the earlier train home so it’s safe to say we were two happy bunnies with that little success…

Some of my favourites from the events goodie bags

After not know what to expect with my first blogging event, I had nothing to worry about as I LOVED it!

Thank you to Scarlett London for having us!

Until next time

Han x


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