Travel Wishlist | Places I Want To Visit

**DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of these photographs in this post. All sourced via Google.**

There are SOOOOO many places that I want to visit in this world. You know how this goes, obviously I thought i’d share my Travel Wishlist/Bucket list/Must do’s with you all…

*In no particular order*

With a lot of these places i’m not really sure what it is as to why I want to visit them or if there is an exact reason that has earned them their place on this wish list. More or less 99% of the time I can guarantee it will be due to the picturesque views or the local delicacy! Therefore, I have decided to put the photos (all from Google Images) into a (WordPress Classic) mosaic collage…


  1. Prague
  2. Budapest
  3. Italy (Verona//Rome//Amalfi Coast_
  4. Berlin
  5. U.S.A (NYC//LA//Florida)
  6. Iceland
  7. Copenhagen
  8. Greece (Mykonos//Santorini//Skiathos)
  9. Bali
  10. Lake District


I hope you enjoyed this little insight to my travelling dreams…

Until next time

Han x


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