Afternoon Tea | Birthday Present

So from the title it’s pretty obvious what this post is going to be about.

Although Angus’s birthday and my own were way back in June and July but this was a joint present we received from Angus’s Gran and we finally got around to booking at the cafe and, well, going…

Before jumping in the car I had to get that all important outfit post because “you gotta do it for the gram” (and in this case blog post).


Quick OOTD shot taken (featuring my Mums car parked on the drive *tut*) we were on our way. Now there was a little bit of poor planning on my behalf *wrist slap* as my family are away so myself and my bro are enjoying the benefits of a parent free house and, basically, a FULL ON CHIIIILL! (That is until the night before they get back and the mad rush of cleaning the place and getting it in order). But as they are away it means that this weekend Angus has come to me and yet for our Afternoon Tea we had to drive past his area in Nottingham to get to Cromford in Derbyshire. But never mind, it’s not the end of the world and only an hours drive. So miniature road trip it was.

Cromford is frickin B-E-A-UTIFUL!!

What we saw of it anyway and we didn’t see much of it. But surrounded by countryside and all things nature it’s hard not to love and appreciate. With scenic views on the way in and out the actually village itself, it was surprisingly not what I expected upon arrival. But then again I hadn’t even thought about what the local area would of looked like.

With copious amounts of beautiful looking terraced houses and cottages all with the same brick work, it’s clear to see that a lot of these buildings are probably still in the state and origins of what they were originally built in. Which I later found out that the village is part of the Valley Mills World Heritage Site.

Anyway back to tea!

After receiving our glass of prosecco each it was time for the food…

We had been pre-warned that we would most likely be coming home with a box of left over cake and sandwiches and they weren’t lying! It didn’t look like much on the stand but then it kind of did once we had started eating! The food didn’t seem to of been going down…

The bottom layer was filled with 4 types of sandwiches; ham & pickle, cheese & tomato, egg mayonnaise and salmon. (It’s safe to say they were DEMOLISHED!)

Then the cakes. We had 2 of everything from Eton mess to cream filled mini donuts to mahooosive scones! I’m pretty sure we ended up taking over half of the cakes home with us and giving them to family as we simply couldn’t manage!

After two cups of tea and getting chatty with the couple on the table next to us – who were also having the afternoon tea- it was safe to say we were both full to the brim and ready to get back into our “comfies” and do what we do best… watch reruns of Don’t Tell The Bride and simply “slob” infront of the TV!!!

For my first experience of Afternoon Tea it was simply “spiffing”!

Until next time

Han x


9 Replies to “Afternoon Tea | Birthday Present”

  1. I absolutely adore afternoon tea and this just looked perfect! Cannot believe how much you were given between the two of you. Looks like such a cute place to go as well.

    Abigail |

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