The ol’padded puffa coat | Outfit post

This coat! This coat! THIS COAAAAT!!!

I have wanted a coat in this style for what seems like YONKS…


After searching and searching for one that was affordable and that I liked, I had looked on the North Face websites and in stores as well as looking in places like Decathlon as they do some similar but just not what I wanted.

THEN… I came across this bad boy in Asda! I know I couldn’t believe it myself either… I practically ran over to the George section when spotting these by chance. For a bargain price of £25 this coat comes in several other colours; lilac, cream, and red.

I saw my size in store and tried it on and fell in love! I went back literally 2 days later and the black ones were GONE! I couldn’t believe it…you know that sad moment when you’re on your own in a shop and you have no body to express your annoyance or sadness too so you just have to leave the shop… yeah that happened! Anyway I checked another store in Nottingham the next day whilst at Angus’s house and they too had every other colour except the black ones, just like my local store! So online order it was and after a mix up with deliveries being delivered to the wrong store/depot and another re-order (you can imagine my frustration at this point haha), I finally had my coat! YAAAAASS!

It is “shower resistant”, with a hood, a zip up the front and 2 popper pockets. In case you hadn’t guessed I’m in heaven! Plus, it is so incredibly warm. To the point where if I have it on inside for longer than 60 seconds; I start to get too hot. Not that I am complaining, as anyone who knows me will know that I am always cold! To the point where my mum calls me “the ice maiden”.  *sigh*

I am yet to see how well this coat does in our lovely British winter/all-year-round weather as since buying it we seem to have tried to revert back to the summer so the need for a coat with the warmth of an insulated sleeping bag is simply unnecessary, to be perfectly honest! I did have to get a couple of sizes bigger as it felt quite tight across my chest when it’s done up, so it is definitely worth trying before you buy or just upsizing.



If you want to get your hands on one of these then head over to the George, Asda website here. Although I know the black colour has been a very popular choice so it was out of stock!


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