First Time Skiing | Beginners Top Tips

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen that I have been on ski vacay recently (it was hard to miss with all my photo spam)! With this being my first time of ever going skiing, FINALLY, I thought I’d share with you all some of my top tips for those who are thinking of going skiing that have never been before…

1. Preparation

Be prepared, clothes wise, for all different weathers. Obviously it’s absolutely glorious when it’s sunny and you can get away with a t-shirt and ski jacket or like Angus wore; a ski hoody. However there are potentially going to be days when it’s overcast and snowing. So make sure you have extra layers for when it’s not so hot.

Obviously this all does depend on where you go and during which part of the season. Angus went to Valtournenche, Italy with his family in February and with me to Breul-Cervinia (literally 10 mins away from Valtournenche) in April and as you will see from some of the photos we had amazing weather all bar 2 days!

Something I wish I’d of considered before hand is taking a small pair of shoes with me; trainer like shoes. I only had my trusty Doc Martens with me as I knew I could rely on them in colder and snowy conditions. But I do wish I had a pair of substantial shoes that weren’t as heavy and smaller that I could of chucked in my bag so I could change out of the god awful ski boots because let me tell you; those bad boys are super uncomfortable to walk in! So if you have something that would be light and smaller style then pop them in your bag ready for the apres ski!

It’s also handy to have a rucksack with you incase you do want to take any extra layers with you or have somewhere to put your extra layers when you get too hot. (It also comes in handy to carry any cameras/sunglasses/hats and any refreshments you may wish to snack on)!

2. Take suncream! (And aftercare)

It’s a very deceiving holiday is skiing, well it was for us going towards the end of the season in April. It was hot yet you’re surrounded by snow! Confusing, I know! Which doesn’t help when your brain can be psychologically telling you that it’s not as hot as it actually is mainly because your travelling through snow. When actually the sun is attacking you all day!

Even if it is “white out” and over cast just put sun cream on any skin on show, just to keep you safe!

Which leads me to the after sun care…after a full day of ski and if your fortunate enough for gorgeous sunny weather your skin can tend to get a little dry especially with the combination of sunshine and the cooler breeze hitting your face as you ski down the slopes. The after sun should help keep your face hydrated and moisturised. I took my Body Shop – Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet Boost which helped massively. Although I do wish I had thought to pack some Aloe Vera after sun lotion!


3. Fear

It’s a tricky one this one but the less fear you have the better. I’m lucky as I don’t really have much fear but when it comes to skiing… I have the almighty dreaded fear. We’ve all seen and heard different stories about ski incidents and fatalities. So, yes, naturally there is that fear in you. But the more you practise and gain confidence the more you enjoy it. I still wasn’t keen on skiing anywhere near an edge that had a drop- just no! I didn’t enjoy that so I think that held me back slightly as I was worried incase I lost control inconveniently near the edge…but it’s all good, I stayed clear!

Also, never fear to say no. If you’re not the most confident of skiers, as well as a first time skier, then it is ok to say no if you don’t feel comfortable enough. Especially when the weather conditions aren’t great. Just go find yourself a seat in a bar and compose yourself until your ready to have another go.

4. Lessons

Unfortunately for me this time around the plan of having lessons simply didn’t fit within our budget. As Angus only booked this holiday for us at he end of February (and March being the most expensive month – Birthday wise) we didn’t have a lot of time to save. But ideally I’d of had 2-3 morning lessons with an instructor at our resort. I did however have a couple of lessons at the Snowdome in Tamworth before coming and that helped me massively! (Even though it is COMPLETELY different to being on a mountain). It gave me the very basic foundations of being able to ski and get down a blue run.

My mum has always said “I’m one of those annoying people who is naturally good at everything and picks new skills up easily”. Which I didn’t really want to judge my level of skiing off of that comment but it was kind of sat in the back of my mind giving me the urge and boost I needed to get on with it. Almost like to prove a point. But I have to add, apart from the occasional recreational ice skating session, I have never done anything like this before and with the combined weight of ski boots plus the long ass skis plonked on the end of your legs, it’s like carrying a small child on each leg… it’s hard work! So even getting use to that can take some time.

If I could of afforded lessons I would of definitely had a couple of morning sessions to help with my (lack of) technique. But these things happen and instead I made up my own style of technique with the help of Angus guiding me throughout. Surprisingly no arguments or expletives were conversed throughout our mini training sessions!

This photo was taken on Day 1… going down my least favourite part of the slope!

Annnnd there we have it, my 4 top tips for first time skiers! So if you’ve never been before or plan on going let me know in the comments, i’d love to know where you are going, and feel free to ask any questions and I shall try to answer them 🙂

Until next time,

Han x


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