The Skinny Bakery | Review

DISCLAIMER: These views and opinions are all my own and I have not been paid to promote these products. But simply reviewing some tasty treats.


Anyone who knows me will know I have a massive sweet tooth, and I always have done! But along side this I try to keep in shape with my regular gym routine and healthy eating (when I’m not too busy being a pig)!

So when The Skinny Bakery got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in sampling and reviewing some of their products of course I said YES!

The Skinny Bakery was founded by Mariella Forte and is an online bakery that sells low calorie cakes and cookies…. and boy are they good! You can shop their website here or follow them on IG.

They very kindly sent a great range of their products from; gingerbread men to carrot cake and chocolate meringue.


With the amount I was given I decided to get the family involved; seeing as my mum is currently losing weight and on the Slimming World programme I managed to tempt her to try one of the products (this was mainly because she could get the ‘syns’ and points of the product on the app on her phone. So she opted for the chocolate meringue and thoroughly enjoyed it. If I’d of let her she probably would of had more. With the added fact that she didn’t want to add something else to her food wish list aka the foods she loves and wants all the time.

But that’s the good thing about The Skinny Bakery they’re guilt free… to some extent. Obviously too much of anything can be bad for you!


Next, my 7 year old brother Oscar got in on the fun… he tried a Gingerbread man biscuit which followed with a “Yummmmmmmmmy” and a happy dance so it’s safe to say he liked it. However, this wasn’t the same with the chocolate meringue… he wasn’t so keen and insisted they tasted like coffee (not that he knows what that tastes like) but I can assure you they don’t, I don’t like coffee but I love these meringue drops, they taste like chocolate. Even though before hand I wasn’t so sure what to expect, but they were a great little snack.


The carrot cake pearls… now I’m not a fan of carrot cake and the only time I’ve ever had some was on set with Martin Clunes when I took part in Nativity 3… (find out more about that HERE ) It wasn’t the greatest cake I’d ever had but it wasn’t too offensive. However I gave these little pearls a try and they were actually nice (aside from the fact they have sultanas in-which again I don’t like) and my step dad gave them a go once I told him the whole pot I had were only 194 calories. Which he then jumped at the chance of trying one.


I was definitely intrigued to try the Skinny Red Velvet Pearls as I’ve never had Red Velvet cake and I have always wanted to try but just never have. My first experience of it was delicious! So light and the best bit is its low calorie… that part I just couldn’t get my head around. These little pearls (as well as the chocolate and carrot cake pearls) all had a little dollop of some form of butter cream in the centre which added some moisture to them, which I applaud The Skinny Bakery for, as sometimes low calorie products can often be rather dry but nope, not these!


Now for my favourite… The Skinny Chocolate Pearls! If you didn’t already know I LOVE chocolate cake!!!! And these little drops of goodness did not let me down! At only 208 calories per 85g pack, you just can’t go wrong! And with that I just have nothing else to say about from they’re amazing.


There we have it… I thoroughly enjoyed these little treats and thank you to The Skinny Bakery for sending me these samples to try! I shall definitely be trying some more of their delicious products soon.

Until next time,

Han x


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