The Body Shop Leicester | Bloggers Event

Last Friday I was rather thrilled to be heading off to the Body Shop store in Highcross Leicester for their first ever bloggers event!

As this was their first time hosting an event I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’d been to a Body Shop event in Nottingham back in November to learn all about their 2017 Christmas Range, but this was just an all round event, to learn about the brand.

Once we’d all arrived we were given a warm welcome and a brief breakdown of how the event would plan out; we were split into 2 groups where one would be over at the make up side of the store first and the other group (the one I was in) would listen and learn all about skin care, before we would swap over!

After attending the event in November I had learnt a few little tips about care for my own skin and since then have used the products recommended, which I love! But it was so interesting to learn all about the different products to help with different aspects of skin care; especially the products to help with ageing skin, I mean the clocks are ticking people- I’m not getting any younger so I may as well start before it’s too late and the wrinkles set up camp on my mug!

(The drops of youth range will be bought in by the hulk load shortly)


It was then time to change, and over to the make up stand we went. I’m already a user of the matte foundation, which I love, but I am definitely interested in trying their other liquid foundation! They have so many beautiful pieces that I want to try from body shimmer and illuminators to matte lip sticks and vibrant eyeshadows.

We were also shown their wonderful face mists which came in 5 (I think) different flavours/scents and they smelt b-e-a-utiful, I’ve definitely added them on to my wish list.

Next up it was time to learn all about The Body Shops new Body Yogurt and MY GOSH am I obsessed already! They all smell amaaaaaazing and choosing which one to treat myself to was rather difficult!

I opted for the almond and honey milk option in the end and I can tell you now it will be making an appearance on my June Favourites- thats if I ever get round to writing that!

This was the final mini talk and then we were left to shop and snap away with the many photos for our blogs and social media.

We were very generously given a special discount to use on the night as well as a gorgeous Goodie Bag to take home with us.


I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and learnt lots about different products to use for different issues. I can’t wait to try some more of their make up and get my hands on a drops of youth night mask.

Hopefully this event went to how they planned and met their expectations because I can’t wait for the next one to take place.

Until next time

Han x


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