The Avon Lady | Review

**FINALLY, I have gotten round to uploading this post… **

Going back a few months ago my good friend Megan over at Mummy & Harrison kick started her new business venture when Avon got in touch with her to get the brand circulated within the younger generations.

You can read more on this HERE

She very kindly gifted me some of Avon’s great products for me to try and review.

So let’s get to it…


1. Lipstick

I got this in the shade Red Supreme and I LOVE IT! You can’t beat a statement red lip. It went on really nicely and wasn’t too heavy (if you know what I mean). It didn’t go all “bitty” after a while. You know that nasty way your lipstick goes when it’s been on a while and you’ve eaten. That’s not ok. But this lipstick didn’t do that.

It did fade after having a few drinks but to be honest, but there’s not many lipsticks that don’t do that- unless you’re buying matte ones, because I swear they have some form of glue in them!

Apart from the fact you need to reapply occasionally, which you can’t complain when it is such a great price!

I really enjoy the colour and feel of this lipstick.


2. Mascara – Big & Extreme Volume & Length Mascara

*round of applause*

Yes! Yes! Yes! Love this mascara. I always want to find a mascara that is going to give me long, volumes eye lashes that don’t make me look like I have dead spiders stuck to my eye lids. And this is it!

As this is still a new product I use an older mascara brush after applying to help separate and get rid of any excess.

This is such a fabulous product, I used this on a hen do recently, and it meant I didn’t have to go through the hassle of applying false eyelashes as I was content and happy with results I got from this mascara.


3. Nail polish – Sinful Romance

You know when you want to quickly apply nail polish before bed or if you’re in a rush to go somewhere. But you dread that it may smear or just go horribly wrong… well get your hands on one of these bad boys and your worries are gone! It dries SUPER quick! I was actually quite surprised because I wasn’t expecting it at all, I don’t know why but I thought I was going to have to wait around for my nails to dry but I didn’t so it’s a good ol’ bonus!

I also love this colour, I think for me i’d prefer to apply it during those autumnal months, so I can not wait to for autumn to hit to be rocking this colour!


4. Glow On –Face Illuminator

I think this was by far my favourite product! It’s like the ultimate summer necessity! Especially when you get that golden tan starting to develop, this is perfect to help give you that bronzed, summer glow!

I applied this to my upper cheek bone using my finger and a “dabbing” action… no I’m not applying make up like I’m at the bingo but this was the easiest way to apply it.

I think this product would also look fabulous if you applied it to your body as well. So if you wanted to apply any to your collar bones or chest on a night out – depending on your outfit choice, I personally think it would add to that summer glow.


I use to use Avon make up yeeeeeaaaars ago- mainly for my dancing/show make up. It’s mega affordable and great quality for the price! I’d like to thank Megan over at The Avon Lady for very kindly gifting me these products to try and review, I love them and use them regularly!

If you want to find out more or need an Avon Rep to get yourself some goodies, go check out Megan’s Instagram page @theavonlady

Until next time

Han x


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