To see is a wonderful thing | Glasses Direct

Recently I was very very generously gifted some prescription sunglasses from the wonderful Glasses Direct.

That’s right people PRESCRIPTION SUN GLASSES! You may think I sound like an old woman, or that I am a bit behind with the times maybe?! But I am so freaking excited to finally have a pair…

I have toyed with the idea of getting some for quite a while as my eyes have become more and more dependant on my glasses and with my holiday to Greece (YAAAAAS) coming up I thought it would be a great chance to get myself a pair and see if they are a life changing experience.

Well let me tell you folks, they are!

I haven’t even left the country yet but I have tried these bad boys and my god am I impressed and I kind of obsessed too!

I opted for these London Retro frames in the style ‘Camden’. It’s always difficult when buying accessories like this online as you don’t know if the style will suit your face or not but with the amazing ‘Virtual try on’ technology which allows you, with the use of a webcam, to see what these glasses will look like (to some extent). It is obviously not 100% accurate but it does a blooming good job!

I took them out for a spin last weekend when the sun made another appearance and they are just fab-u-lous!


I simply can not wait to take these on holiday and have the freedom to not worry about having to wear contact lenses all day e’ry day or not being able to see properly throughout the day!

I honestly can not thank Glasses Direct enough for being so very generous by gifting these beauties to me!

Go check them out HERE

Until next time

Han x


2 Replies to “To see is a wonderful thing | Glasses Direct”

    1. Thank you! I honestly love them, they’re a life saver!!
      I kind of have an extended summer as I’m away in Greece at the minute. But I am not looking forward to getting home and it feeling colder than before we left 🤦🏼‍♀️ x


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