A Weekend To Remember |A Trip to Bath

Hello Blogopshere!

Firstly Happy Freaking New Year!!!

I don’t know about you but December went far too quickly. Blink and you miss christmas, and before you know it we are 3 days into the new year!

Anyway, since I barely had time to breath throughout December I am finally getting round to writing some content and giving my blog the love it deserves.

So kicking things off in 2019 I thought I would fill you guys in on our travels to Bath or as it shall be known to me now our ENGAGEMENT weekend!

This weekend was an owed birthday present that Angus treated me to. Originally the plan was to go to Bruges but with lack of organisation or booking (on Angus’s part…ooops haha!) it was getting too late and accommodations booking up and flight prices increasing. I have always wanted to visit Bath, so Bath it was!

With having a slight c*ck up with the hotel/accommodation we originally booked (I mean cancelling someones booking 36 hours before they’re due to arrive isn’t ok in my eyes! but anyway), Angus managed to find the hotel we ended up staying in Guyers House Hotel in Corsham.

Location, was a little far out as we had planned to spend our days exploring Bath, but the hotel was lovely with staff that were incredibly friendly and helpful. A simple room with a lovely kingsized bed, created by 2 singles pushed together, we also received a breakfast within the price.


So after checking in and getting everything transferred from the car to the room, we booked a taxi and headed on into Bath and the Christmas Markeeeeets.

Now I don’t know if my expectations were too high or that I am just simply ungrateful but the market (as great as it was) wasn’t as big as we originally thought, or that I had seen on social media. I mean, it does spread across the city with all different stalls full of decorations and food samples. But we felt it lacked street food stalls and drink lodges. There was only 1 that we found, which was great but not exactly the largest of locations, with the amount of people attending.

After trawling the city trying to find a decent restaurant to eat in that was extortionate in price or full of drunken festive crowds – that was one part we had completely forgotten about- restaurants being full of folks out on their christmas parties!

Anyway, with the decision made that whatever food place we came across next, we would eat in there… oh boy! We ended up in a sports bar kinda place; Angus with his 40 (small) chicken wings and me with my burnt cheese burger and fries, its safe to say we didn’t hang around but instead went in search of a nice quaint bar.

Upon our search we walked by the Pulteney Bridge, where little did I know that something BIG was about to happen…

Little did I know that within minutes I would have a FIANCÉ!

Just under a month later and I still can’t believe it, but I LOVE IT! I love my gorgeous ring and my FIANCÉ is just incredible! After saying he never wanted to get married on many occasions, I was in complete shock.

The answers to the top questions asked when someone gets engaged;

Yes, Angus was incredibly sweet and for him it was romantic.

No, he didn’t get down on one knee (it’s too far down for his 6’5″ frame to get down haha).

No, we aren’t planning a wedding any time soon, we are saving to buy a house first.

Yes, I cried.

No, the ring didn’t fit…it was too big.

Yes, we celebrated by having a couple of drinks in a bar before buying a dirty shop and celebrating Hannah and Angus style, in bed full of sugary snacks and drinks watching random tv!

Day 2

The Saturday, day 2, consisted of us heading back into Bath after a wonderful full english breakfast and a relaxing bath.

During the morning mooch at the hotel, we decided to book tickets to go to the Roman Baths. I love going to visit places like this and it was definitely worth the £16 (per person) or whatever we paid. However, when visiting museums its never a thing where we end up roaming around together, as usual Angus somehow managed to speed ahead leaving me taking it all in at my slow pace.

It’s pretty cool at The Roman Baths, as it isn’t just a museum that you walk around reading everything and looking at the displays but you are given what looks like a mobile phone from the 1980’s that allows you to type in the different numbers for the different areas within. So its pretty handy listening to the guides on the devices chat away instead of just having to read everything, as I feel you can tend to miss things out or not bother reading something when there are masses of people gathered around the boards.

Anyway once I’d emerged and found Angus stood outside in the rain waiting for me, we had a few hours left to kill before our booking at Zizzis, (yes, we learnt from the previous evening and booked a table before heading into the baths)!

After a spot of shopping for unplanned Christmas gifts and some whiskey for Angus. We joined the crowds going into Bath Abbey for the ‘Christmas Shopper Carols’ and that was freaking cute; a 20 minute service where we sang several carols and it was just all round festive fun!

Luckily on this evening we had booked our taxi back to the digs for an earlier time so we weren’t milling around. So after our dinner, we took our final taxi back to the hotel and had an incredibly relaxing evening (again) watching whatever we could find on the box!

we are very rock and roll these days… we know! 

Day 3 involved us driving home…. so nothing special happened that day, we got home and the first of the engagement story telling began.

Bath… what an incredible weekend you turned out to be! It will definitely be one to remember; not only have I always wanted to visit, but it was to celebrate my birthday, its the only Christmas market I got to this year but most importantly it’s the weekend that will always have a place in my heart as the weekend we got engaged!

I do promise that I will shut up about this proposal soon but I am just far too excited, overwhelmed and shocked about it all!

If you visited any Christmas Markets over the festive season 2018 then please let me know in the comments which ones you think are worth the visit for later this year!

Until next time,

Han x


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