“The Mountains Are Calling” | Serfaus, Austria

My god, what a week!

We laughed, cried, bickered, fallen over, drank, ate, skied but most importantly created some amazing memories together!

I’m also pretty sure I left my thigh muscles and knee caps up on the mountain somewhere but it’s all for the love of the sport.

(It’s taken me over a week to get round to writing the rest of this post but that’s all down to getting back into the swing of things, and the harsh reality that is LIFE.)

Looking back on the holiday I can’t help but Feel I was a moody, hormonal b***h! But I did actually have a top week with Angus and his family and friends, so I must apologise to them all but I was enjoying myself really!

With this post there is no point me going through a day to day of what happened because the long and short of it is; myself and Angus had an apartment for the week with our friends Charlotte and Adam. So we’d get up, have breakfast, get ready and head to the slopes-where we would ski, eat, drink and repeat…. basically!

Evenings were spent in the same bar really and we made ourselves at home there; the bar staff were great and just a cute Austrian bar which was centre for everyone within the group to get to.

The resort itself (Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis) was B-E-A-UTIFUL! Seriously so pretty, every view was stunning, and those views never get old! We were incredibly lucky with the weather also; not so much on the first day where I’m pretty sure the clouds were that low we were skiing through them haha- you couldn’t define the floor from the snow on the ground!

It. Was. Chaos.

But after the first day we had gorgeous sunshine, it was insane!

After falling over nearly every day, tears, bickering, panic attacks and #sledgegate (long story short; Angus went sledging and fell off the track into a tree and waist deep in snow, loosing the sledge and resulting him running down the mountain before falling out with me, well me being p****d at him- oops!) we really had a great time!

I’ve been a cow and put my foot down with us going again until we have (at least) a deposit for a house. Meaning we need to get saving MEGA if we intend on going again next February!! Now, I have explained my reasoning to Angus, and he (now) agrees and thankfully agreed that I’m just being realistic; we can’t do everything and that’s fine, no one can (only the millionaires!) But unfortunately something has to give at some point.

We will go again one year; that may even be next year or the year after. But for me my main priority is a house and then, we may even start looking at planning our wedding!

Then again, on the other hand… I’m not sure I’m ready for all this adulting!

I do apologise about all the photo spam, as if you follow me on Insta, you will have probably seen most of them over there… sorry not sorry!

Have you guys got any plans of travel for this year? Let me know in the comments below….

You can also check out my post from last years trip >HERE<

Until next time

Han x


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